Plant Science Research

For my final year project I have been given the opportunity to visit various researchers around Wales to create a podcast documenting fundamental plant science research.

Key questions are whether we can, or should separate this fundamental research from translational studies, which could go on to significantly impact society and the economy?

On this journey, delving deep into the work in plant science, I immediately needed to sharpen up my research skills. No longer did Google scholar suffice in searching for much needed publications in a specifically defined area. I turned to Scopus where I could search by affiliation, and even key authors were highlighted (a much welcomed help!)

I also soon found that the subject is very diverse, from the genetics and genomics of plants to how they react to environmental stresses. It will be interesting to hear about these differing approaches to elucidating the science behind those green leafed creatures!

I’m especially excited to travel (expenses paid) to Aberystwyth and Bangor, as a lot of innovative work is done in those departments!

In between dissertation writing, i will endeavor to keep this blog updated on my progress… 🙂


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