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Egypt: A Guest Blog by Linda Loganathan

Posted on 11th November 2015 by

As part of the Family Archive Project, we have invited members of the public to contribute guest blog posts on how people create and use their own family archives today. Here, Linda Loganathan describes how she discovered and has used a part of her own family archive. It all began shortly after my Father died
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Are we what we keep? Workshop coming up!

Posted on 5th October 2015 by

The project team are really looking forward to our workshop, Are We What We Keep, which will take place on Friday 16th October! The workshop is designed to bring together academics working on questions of archival history with practitioners, such as archivists and librarians, to talk through the issues that our research has turned up
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The Future of Women’s Pasts

Posted on 27th July 2015 by

By Laura King, University of Leeds Understanding how families keep things and document their histories is, for me, a feminist project. The Family Archive project has an important dual purpose, in this sense. Firstly, by thinking about the records, documents and objects in people’s homes, we can find out about women’s histories, which are often
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Ways of remembering: dying and the family archive

Posted on 9th May 2015 by

By Laura King, University of Leeds Why do we try to preserve particular memories? What exactly is valuable in the process of keeping and ‘curating’ particular objects and documents that we might understand to constitute a family archive? For whose benefit is this? Some people find great pleasure in collecting particular information and items related
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Too much stuff?

Posted on 2nd April 2015 by

A few weeks ago Laura King (@DrLauraKing), one of the Family Archive project team, tweeted a link to a piece in the Guardian by Kathryn Hughes ‘Our homes are cleared but we still crave tat’ (09.03.15). According to the article, we appear to be becoming less and less sentimental about hanging on to objects, particularly
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A very modern family archive

Posted on 26th March 2015 by

My post this week will be last from me until September, because I’ll be on maternity leave from next Monday! This will be our first baby, and so I am making that strange change from being a part of a family to having a family of my own, from child to parent. There are all sorts
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Who or what is a curator?

Posted on 17th March 2015 by

By Vicky Crewe, Principal Investigator, Cardiff University       Curator: ‘one who has the care or charge of a person or thing’; a ‘steward’, a ‘keeper’, a ‘custodian’ Archive: ‘a place in which public records or other important historic documents are kept’; ‘a historical record or document’ As part of the Family Archive Project, we’re posing
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Pieces of Paper

Posted on 9th March 2015 by

By Laura King, Project Co-Investigator, University of Leeds What are the most valuable things that people keep? In my last post I talked about how the most mundane aspects of a house – such as a cupboard door – can function as a ‘family archive’. Since that time, I took part in a work shop
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