Outstanding Performance Awards

For final year students, graduation is just over 9 months away. During that time, as well as receiving your degree you may be presented with an award for an outstanding project, performance in your course or dedication to the department. However, that does not mean that all the other years are simply ignored. Every year prizes are awarded to Foundation  Year students and Years 1/2/3 for their hard work. Awards-EEE-Newsletter

This year was no exception and on October 14th a group of staff and students gathered in C/1.09 to appreciate all those who were presented with the awards. Dr Alan Kwan, Director of Learning and Teaching, conducted the award ceremony.

The “Foundation School Prize” was awarded to Zainab Ali for outstanding performance during his foundation year.

Meehakshi Harikrishnan, was present with the “Dr W.H. Powell Prize”. This award is given to the student who best performed in the electrical and electronic engineering laboratories.

For outstanding performance in his first year, Richard Houghton, was awarded the “Page Fund Prize”.

Year 2’s “Page Fund Prize” was awarded to Alexander Washbourne.

The “Emrys Williams Prize” for an outstanding project was awarded to Gwilym Thomas Jones.

Rob Spurway, was awarded the “Douglas Pointon Prize” for his outstanding contribution to the discipline and the student staff panel.

Congratulations goes to all those who were presented with prizes for the performance in 2014/2015. Go that extra mile, and do your best this academic year and you may be in their shoes next year!

Rob Spurway

Chair, Student/Staff Panel