New Compound Semiconductor Foundation for Cardiff University

Funding totalling £29m has been awarded to Cardiff to establish a new Compound Semiconductor Research Foundation within the University on Maindy Road.

The new Foundation, the first of its kind in the UK, will put Cardiff University at the cutting edge of semiconductor technology.  It will also help to strengthen the already established links with IQE Plc, one of the leading global compound semiconductor wafer suppliers and also a key partner in the venture.Semiconductor wafer

The Foundation, which will be located on the University’s Innovation Campus, will drive research into new technology including smart phones and tablets, and will have a significant impact on healthcare, biotechnology and mass communications.

Professor Diana Huffaker has been appointed to oversee the development of the new Foundation. Professor Huffaker was previously Director of the Integrated NanoMaterials Core Lab, California NanoSystems Institute, and Director of NSF IGERT Clean Energy for Green Industry at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, welcomed the investment: “The award from the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund will capitalise on existing academic expertise at Cardiff University. It will cement our well-established partnership with IQE to create a global hub for CS technology research, development and innovation.”

Professor Paul Tasker from the School of Engineering, who is one of the key researchers involved with the new Foundation, said that the School was delighted at news of the additional funding. “It will boost the ability to carry out ground breaking research in semiconductor technology, and will consolidate and develop our established research in collaboration with our colleagues Professor Peter Smowton and Dr Phil Buckle in Physics, which will be at the centre of the new Foundation.”