Apologies for my absence

… well I didn’t really stick to what I said I was going to do in my last post… for that I apologise and from now on I aim to not overestimate my blogging proficiency!

So as you have probably gathered, my experience of PhD-ing so far has been busy busy busy! It is a whirlwind of meetings, research, writing, experiments, data analysis, supervising, emails and just a modicum of enjoying what Cardiff has to offer! I didn’t expect anything different from conversations I’ve had with PhD students at my last university, but it all seems so distant until you’re actually there with your ‘to do list’ ever expanding. However I don’t want you to think that I’m not enjoying myself, on the contrary it has so far been the best experience of my life, and I wouldn’t change anything! I have the opportunity to take full control of my own piece of the scientific jigsaw, to investigate it’s edges, and hopefully discover where it fits into the overall picture. I’m in no doubt that there will be difficult situations along the way, but at the moment I’m soaking up all my PhD has to offer.

The addition of a new post-doc into the lab has been a godsend with the supervision of my 3rd year undergraduate project student. It has relieved quite a bit of the pressure I feel my supervisor has given me so early on, but I know that they wouldn’t have let me supervise if they didn’t think I was capable. The student is doing really well and the experience I’m gaining is invaluable not only for my CV but my goal of being able to communicate scientific research fluently. On the subject of supervision I’m hoping that I get to continue supervising, with 1st year medical students during their introduction into research. I feel that this will, not only contribute to the young, gifted and skint fund, but cement my ability to be a good tutor.

I’ve spent the majority of my day sourcing the equipment for a new experiment and designing the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Because of this I have the feeling that I haven’t achieved much today, but they say “it’s all in the preparation”, and I can definitely say that has been one of my key learning points of my PhD so far.

I nearly forgot to say that it was good today to have a refresher in proper pipetting and weighing techniques. It’s surprising how many of the little things you forget when you perform these tasks every day in the lab, that can actually improve the accuracy of your results in the long run. A very worthwhile refresher!

Not too sure what’s happening tomorrow but I’m sure it’ll be “another day, another dollar”

Happy PhD-ing!


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