The End of British Party Politics?

This has been an exciting week for me personally, as the last seven days has seen the publication of my latest book, The End of British Party Politics?

The book explores what I argue is one of the most important developments in contemporary democratic politics: the hollowing out of a genuinely British party politics, and the fragmentation of electoral and party politics between the constituent nations of the UK. I examine the evidence for this development, consider its causes, and then speculate on the potential implications for voters, for parties and for the UK as a whole.

In recent days I have also discussed some of those implications – focusing in particular on the Scottish Conservatives – in this article for the Spectator.

I was also delighted to be able to discuss the book on the Radio Wales Sunday Supplement show with Vaughan Roderick at the weekend; and it was also one of the several topics explored in the latest Sharp End show on ITV Wales, with Adrian Masters: the link for that is here.

You can buy a copy of the book direct from the publishers here; or from Amazon here. Happy reading!


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