An Election 2015 Podcast

Earlier today I recorded a podcast about the 2015 general election with my colleagues at the Wales Governance Centre here in Cardiff University, Lleu Williams and Richard Wyn Jones.

We discussed the election result, and its further implications, for just under half an hour.

You can hear it here. I’d be grateful to hear any thoughts and feedback you have.


  • J McKenzie

    Enjoyed the Podcast and agreed with the majority of the points and analysis made.

    By the way instead of relying on expensive polls just ask the historian Norman Davies for the outcome of the next election. Reading his book “Vanished Kingdoms” he appears to have called the outcome of the election in 2011. On page 683 when discussing Eire and the future of the UK he says “As matters stand , they were complicated in 2010 by the formation of a British coalition government of conservatives and liberal-democrats, who were less abrasive than a straight Tory administration might have been. The liberal-democrats, in particular, had still to prove whether they could salvage a support base in Scotland. If they fail the British Government will be dependent for the first time ever on almost exclusively English representation” e.g Tory MPs.

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