Month: August 2013

The Electoral State of the Parties, 4: the Liberal Democrats

Posted on 29th August 2013 by

Oh dear. What can you say about the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ current electoral fortunes that is not utterly devastating? How can you avoid feeling like you are intruding on private grief? What can be said about a political party comprised mostly of moderate, sensible and decent human beings that currently finds itself the object of
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The Electoral State of the Parties, 2: The Conservatives

Posted on 27th August 2013 by

Any discussion of the Conservatives in Wales tends, at some point, to focus on the defining feature of almost their entire history – the relative weakness of Welsh Conservatism. The Conservative party in Wales has long been substantially less successful than in England, and until fairly recently was also much less successful than in Scotland.
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Polling Voting Intentions for Devolved Elections in Mid-Term

Posted on 19th August 2013 by

One aspect of last month’s YouGov poll for this blog that elicited particular comment was the results for Assembly regional list voting intentions. To remind you, the voting intention figures in the poll were:   Westminster Labour: 48% Conservative: 23% LibDems: 8% Plaid Cymru 9% UKIP: 8%   National Assembly (Constituency) Labour: 46% Conservative: 19%
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The Silk Commission: new evidence on public attitudes to devolution

Posted on 14th August 2013 by

The Silk Commission has published new evidence on public attitudes to devolution in Wales. For the most part, this evidence tells us little that is actually new. Nonetheless, I think it is important in two respects. It reinforces previous findings. And it adds some further details to the broad picture. On the first point: the
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Public Attitudes to the Parties: An Alternative Approach

Posted on 6th August 2013 by

The conventional way to assess the standing of political parties with the public is through opinion polls that measure current voting intentions. This Blog, of course, recently published some such results for Wales. This is very useful information on how the parties are currently faring. However, to get a more rounded and fuller perspective on
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