Overview of the Cardiff University WordPress Service


  • blogs.cardiff.ac.uk
  • Public facing, blogging service for University staff and students
  • Cardiff University branded
  • Limited layout and functionality : Cardiff Corporate theme and a small number of plugins
  • Blog authorization, brand and governance is handled by Digital Communications team
  • New blogs are created and configured by Web Development team
  • Currently hosting 180+ blogs
  • CENTOS: 7.4
  • PHP 5.6
Example blogs


  • sites.cardiff.ac.uk
  • Mostly public facing but there are also some internal, access restricted sites.
  • Currently a smörgåsbord of sites and brands, but the aim is to deliver Cardiff University branded sites only
  • Caters for complex / feature rich University branded sites not easily achievable via SQUIZ
  • Broad range of themes and plugins available and in use.
  • Site authorization, brand and governance is handled by Digital Communications team
  • Sites are created, developed and configured by the Web Development team, usually through direct consultation with site owner.
  • Currently hosting 150+ sites
  • CENTOS: 7.4
  • PHP 5.6
Example sites

The Cardiff University Blogs and Sites services rely heavily on the the CU Corporate WordPress Theme.

Mapped sites

  • mappedsites.cardiff.ac.uk
  • Intended to provide separation between University corporate branded sites and sites that require alternative branding, functionality and a non cardiff domain.
  • Originally intended to be a single multisite install for all the domain-mapped sites, but now likely to be a number of single and multi-site installs.

Bespoke sites and applications

Depending on requirements, we can also use WordPress to build bespoke web applications.

WordPress provides easy to configure “out of the box”…

  • Content Management
  • User management
  • Access Control
  • Search functionality
  • Menu management
  • Category/tagging
  • Widgets

…and a whole bunch of other stuff. Plus, plenty of quality third-party plugins and themes to install  or reverse-engineer. 🙂



  • Regular upgrades of WP core and third-party plugins – currently these are manual upgrades, but we’re planning on allowing automatic WP core upgrades in the future.
  • Service notifications are published on the Development at Cardiff blog, and displayed on individual blog dashboards
  • Daily BAU – we receive a wide range of WP related service desk calls  – from site creation and configuration to Comment spam and content queries.
  • Customer consultation – Cardiff staff and external agencies.



Bitbucket WordPress Project repo:  https://bitbucket.org/account/user/cardiffuni/projects/WOR

Themes and plugins can be easily updated via the repo using a plugin – GithubUpdater

We also use Metabox – a paid for WP plugin for rapid theme and plugin development.