Round the Vale

This week’s blog is written by Andy.

Broken cyclist on a hillside desolate

Both paraphrases the lyrics from ‘This Charming Man’ by The Smiths and describes quite accurately how I felt half way up ‘another’ steep hill as Mike and I took off on our latest training ride round the Vale of Glamorgan. With Lara in London to watch posh people row boats, it was left to just the two of us to rack up another 70km. And while Mike was doing his best to take the not inconsiderable breeze on the way out, we did observe that neither of us exactly provides much in the way of an effective windshield as the wind went straight through us. Up Gwern-y-Steeple, down through Cowbridge and more hills on the way out to Llantwit Major. Mike was going fast, I was struggling, and I was beginning to think that the ‘one last pint’ I had the night before was not the best idea I’ve ever had.

But then we reached the half way point, got onto the flat, and turned for home with the wind behind. Averaging almost 25mph we sped past St Asaph and Rhoose airfields, pausing only to admire the scenery and have a quick drink. This was fun, enough speed being gathered on the ‘downs’ to help us whizz up the ‘ups’ and we were soon in Barry. Having narrowly been missed by a number of 4x4s (why do so many 4×4 drivers believe they ‘own the road’?), we decided that Sully and Cosmeston would be a better and quieter route back to Penarth. Personal bests were achieved over the Barrage, despite my legs now feeling like lead, and with my complaints and requests to ‘have a break’ as ‘I’ve only got short legs’ largely falling on deaf ears, we were soon home.


Massive thanks to Mike, both for keeping me going and doing his best to shelter me from the wind. Going out as a team really does help with your motivation and make it all so much more fun. All we have to do now is double the distance, and with only 9 weeks to go, it’s all getting a bit close. Time to increase the training again …

Look out for our adventures and countdown to the big day in our next blog ………………….


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