Mini Group and Mileage

Since going to Abergavenny and riding up the Tumble the group have been putting in a few more miles. We are now just under 3 months away from Velothon Wales and the serious miles need to be banked now ready for the big day.

Over the past week each member of the group has increased the amount of training that they are doing with Paul topping this week’s training chart with an impressive 221 miles, Gareth and myself were not too far behind. The biggest single ride was a 67.5 mile ride by me followed closely by Gareth riding 65.7 miles.

The group ride this week was actually a mini group ride and consisted of Andy and myself. Unfortunately the rest of the group were busy either doing their own training or in the case of Lara buying a new bike.

Sunday 22 March – Return to Gwern-y-Steeple

As our usual route master (Gareth) was not joining us on this ride Andy volunteered to take the role up for the weekend. On one of our first group rides we had ridden up Gwern-y-Steeple and Andy decided it would be a good weekend to go back and have another go at the climb. I met Andy at Llandaff Station and off we set (see map below for route).


The first challenge of the ride was to ascend Gwern-y-Steeple and I found the hill reasonably easy. Andy has struggled up the hill in the past but this time he completed the hill without stopping which was Andy’s goal for the day. The ride went very well and we took it in turns to take the pace at the front. I would usually be on the front going uphill and then Andy would take the pace on the flat and downhill. For once there were no incidents on the ride and we managed to ride about 32 mile together. We didn’t stick exactly to the route above but we did ride the majority of it and actually ended up riding a little further.

I had already done 25 mile before joining Andy and was determined to ride 100km for the day. I ended up doing 108km which is my furthest ride and actually felt good after the ride. We have actually planned to ride 100km on the 28 March 2015 as a group over some of the Velothon Wales course.

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Look out for a report on the group 100km+ ride in the next blog …………………………………….


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