Cardiff University Staff Pedallers Introduction.

This year sees the first ever Velothon Wales taking place in Cardiff.

It was suggested by a colleague in McKenzie House that it may be a good opportunity to try and get a team together and enter the Velothon Wales. An email was soon dispatched to all the cyclists in McKenzie House asking who would be interested in entering. The replies came trickling in but we did soon have enough to enter a team from McKenzie House.

Next came the decision what distance we should enter. The Velothon is offering 2 distances a 50km route and a 120km route. As most of us hadn’t ridden in this type of event before you would think that we would go for the 50km route but no the 120km route was chosen to make it a little more challenging. It was also decided that we would raise money for a charity as well and the Multiple Sclerosis Society was chosen.

Entering the event was the next challenge as there wasn’t many places left on the general entry route, unfortunately a couple of us didn’t manage to get in via this route but we did manage to get in via the charity route. So we had a McKenzie House Team entered into the Wales Velothon, just need to train for it now.

As we are a team we thought it would be nice if we had a team cycling jersey, we looked at a few designs and prices and then it was suggested that it might be good publicity for the University if the VC would like to join us in the event or if this was not a possibility whether he would be able to help fund a team jersey. Unfortunately the VC is unable to join us in the event itself but has very kindly offered to look at buying the team jerseys for us.

We have staff members from a variety of offices and floors within McKenzie House, let me introduce them to you.


(l – r) Katie Baylis, Andy Lloyd, Gareth Jenkins, Mike Shevyn, Paul Burnett and Lara Davies. There is also one other member of the team who is not in the photo Mark Langer-Crame.

The photo was taken before our first group training session but more about that in the next blog.



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