Why I set up the Creature Comforts blog

I have set up this blog as I am interested in the relationship between young people in care and their animals. I have done previous research into foster care and young people talked to me about the importance of pets in their lives. Pets have always been a big part of my life.

Very little is written about this and it seems that young people in care sometimes miss out on having pets. Generally, within the care system pets are seen as a risk rather than as an asset.  I want to capture stories and pictures- drawings or photographs – about what pets mean to you. I will be attending the Voices from Care event on 24th February ‘Proud to be Me’ to try and get some interest in the blog.

I will also be running a workshop in Summer 2017 and hopefully some dogs/pets will come along. If you send me your ideas/pictures/thoughts to reesa1@Cardiff.ac.uk I will upload them onto the Blog. Lets’s share our love of animals! Here is a picture of my dog Twm to help get it started.


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