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Here you’ll find out a little more about current students of the Conservation department who have posted on this blog.  Profiles are listed alphabetically by last name.

Sara Bohuch

Sara is a student at Cardiff University, in the process of gaining her masters degree in Conservation Practice. Always of a fan of historical material culture, she studied archaeology at Simon Fraser University in Canada and has worked in archaeological pits, conservation labs, and art galleries.


Sarah Dunn

Sarah is in her second year of the MSc Conservation Practice programme, having decided after a number of years working in a different sector to follow her passion for cultural heritage and return to university as a mature student.


Rafail Evzonas

Rafail is a second year post-graduate student in MSc Conservation Practice at Cardiff University with a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Cyprus. He took part in a wide range of archaeological excavations and he is interested in conservation of archaeological artefacts.


Mandy Garratt

Mandy is a second year MSc Conservation Practice student, with a passion for ceramics, paper and natural history conservation. Having decided on a career change from working in the financial services industry as a Web Developer, Mandy has previously completed a Master’s degree in Preventive Conservation before deciding to focus on Conservation of objects by studying here at Cardiff.


Katya Madrid



Devin Mattlin



Pamela Murray

Pamela Murray is a second year MSc Conservation Practice student, she recently completed her placement at the British Museum researching Oddy testing. Before her Cardiff studies she was working on various projects conserving Chinese Shadow Puppetry, both the tangible and intangible, based in Beijing. She completed an internship at the South African Institute for Conservation and Heritage Science.


Aly Singh

After completing a BA in History & Religion and an Applied Museum Studies degree, Aly Singh moved to Cardiff to pursue an MSc in Conservation Practices. A lover of history, art and material culture, she is excited to learn about and work on a wide variety of objects and material types.


Dean Smith

Dean Smith is in his second year of the MSc Conservation Practice programme at Cardiff University. He has completed a summer internship at Çatalhöyük conserving objects on site.


Meredith Sweeney

Meredith Sweeney is an masters student in conservation at Cardiff, having recently completed the Cardiff University BSc course. Conservation has been a great way for her to combine her adoration of history, art, and science. She loves working in the lab and having objects from all over the world from countless different time periods in her hands!


Aliza Taft


After completing a BA in Geology and Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College, Aliza spent 2+ years interning at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, in the conservation lab and the anthropology collection. This experience solidified her interest in pursuing a career in conservation, which perfectly combines her passions for science and preservation of cultural heritage!


Stephanie Whitehead

Upon completing her BA in Classical Studies, Stephanie volunteered in an archaeology lab for James Madison’s Montpelier. There, she fell in love with conservation of artifacts and how it was able to combine her love of science and history.

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