Cell Analysis and Imaging

Our Cell Facilities are staffed by a number of highly skilled and experienced experts in flow cytometry and imaging who will ensure an optimal experimental design to deliver the highest quality results for your project.

Flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • Multiple benchtop flow cytometry instruments: 8, 9 and 16 colours using 2 x BD Cantos, a Beckman CyAn and a BD LSRFortessa (4 laser) cell analyser
  • Detection of up to 16 different flurochromes
  • Fully managed service available
  • High speed digital cell sorting
  • 4 way multi-colour sorting into tubes, plates (6, 24, 48, 96 and 384 wells) or onto microscope slides
Electron microscopy
  • Routine and specialist wax and resin embedding will full range sectioning capability
  • Routine and specialist staining (including immunohistochemistry)
  • Analytic scanning and transmission EM
  • Critical point drying and sputter coating
  • Nanoparticle isolation and characterisation
  • Methodological development with notable expertise in bespoke tissue processing
  • JOEL 840A SEM and FE1 CM12 TEM
Further imaging capabilities
  • Range of light and fluorescence microscopy available for mineral and biological samples
  • X-ray imaging, bone density calculations, fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging using Bruker Fx-Pro and PerkinElmer IVIS 200 for in vivo and ex vivo macro samples


‘Central Biotechnology Services provides me with a valuable resource, not only access to high-tech flow cytometry and cell sorting equipment, but personable, flexible and highly skilled technologists. This enables me to concentrate on the biology of my research in the knowledge that the practical aspects are in good hands.’

Dr Robert Jenkins, University of South Wales

‘I use the confocal microscopy facility and gradient PCR with CBS – it’s just what I need. The service is great and it has helped me validate my processes and move my products closer to market’

Dr Jonathan Ryves, Cupid Peptides

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