Edward Hatfield

Edward Hatfield

Hi, my name is Ed - I'm one of the Year 3 students involved in the CARER pilot and am part of the Aberystwyth team.

I signed up to try CARER because it looked like it would suit me and that I would learn things I really value academically like good, routine clinical technique and natural patient rapport. I knew nothing about Aberystwyth before deciding to move there for the year, but some quick research revealed a university town in a stunning setting between the coast to the West and hills and valleys to the East.

Originally I hail from Kent and outside studying I like cross-country running, as well as cooking and reading.

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Thinking back

Posted on 27 August 2020 by Edward Hatfield

The third year of studying medicine at Cardiff is where you start your clinical placement. Sometimes this conjures up images for the public of smartly dressed young men in pressed white coats looking at glass vials on hospital wards – when in fact, the only thing that’s stayed the same is looking smart for patients.
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Travel North in May

Posted on 19 May 2019 by Edward Hatfield

Aberystwyth’s weather changes quickly. This can be charming – even refreshing – or it can be depressing, depending on whether it was a) windy and freezing when you woke up and became bright and warm in the afternoon, or b) glorious sunny at daybreak and chucking it down sideways with rain by lunchtime. However, after
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The Humble G.P.

Posted on 20 April 2019 by Edward Hatfield

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been studying for some time the noble and gentle species of doctor which is today properly named the Practitionerum Generale – I think the popular term for one is the P.G. Like all great P.G.’s – Wodehouse, for example, or for those less keen on literature and more on breakfast
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February, Aberystwyth

Posted on 8 March 2019 by Edward Hatfield

February has come and gone in what feels like no time at all. In fact, it is already fading in my mind as a blurred combination of all the patients I saw, all their symptoms and presentations slowly combining until everything is mixed up. And it is patients that seem to define my time: now
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An average day in January

Posted on 1 February 2019 by Edward Hatfield

There would be many questions in my head if I were beginning something like the CARER year 3 – questions I might ask someone that was already doing it, for instance. Questions like “Do you feel like you’re missing out?” (no), “What’s it like so far away from Cardiff?” (ask the North Wales students that!),
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The New Year

Posted on 7 January 2019 by Edward Hatfield

Only a few days into the new year and December feels like it was long ago. Being a student at Christmas time is strange, as nothing happens at the right time. Christmas dinners multiply without warning and days or weeks before they should happen, scared you will leave for home without three kilos of roast
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November in Review

Posted on 4 December 2018 by Edward Hatfield

Well met, reader! Not long until Christmas… We are further into Winter. My nose runs; the house freezes around us. In the mornings I drive to Mach wearing my coat and with the dashboard heater jets pointing at my numb hands on the steering wheel. I grew used to the darkness beating me home but
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Posted on 6 November 2018 by Edward Hatfield

Dear reader, you might be thinking, “oh no, not again. Here goes that eccentric student, sounding off about god-knows-what.” If you weren’t thinking it, you are now, because you just read it. Well, now I’ve got us all on the same page, let’s get right to it. Four more weeks in and Aberystwyth hasn’t lost
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Welcome to Aberystwyth

Posted on 8 October 2018 by Edward Hatfield

  When I decided to try to write about our time here in Aberystwyth and about what this pilot for CARER was like I didn’t realise what I’d let myself in for – “I didn’t realise what I let myself in for when I decided to try to write about our time here in Aberystwyth,”
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