Month: October 2018

Clinical Skills, Snowdon and Surgery

Posted on 9 October 2018 by Ella Wooding

Hello! I’ve had a busy 2 weeks since I last wrote a post! We had a week of clinical skills teaching, which was great! Sian and Jayne, 2 of the clinical skills teachers from Cardiff, came up to teach us all of the clinical skills that we need to learn this year. The skills we
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Welcome to Aberystwyth

Posted on 8 October 2018 by Edward Hatfield

  When I decided to try to write about our time here in Aberystwyth and about what this pilot for CARER was like I didn’t realise what I’d let myself in for – “I didn’t realise what I let myself in for when I decided to try to write about our time here in Aberystwyth,”
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September in Aberystwyth

Posted on 1 October 2018 by carer

Hello, my name is Sue Fish and I’m the Senior Clinical Lecturer for the CARER Programme based in Aberystwyth. I’m also a GP in Borth Surgery 9 miles north of Aberystwyth and I have one of the 7 CARER students, Abishek based with me. I grew up in Cardiff and trained in London but love
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