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An average day in January

Posted on 1 February 2019 by Edward Hatfield

There would be many questions in my head if I were beginning something like the CARER year 3 – questions I might ask someone that was already doing it, for instance. Questions like “Do you feel like you’re missing out?” (no), “What’s it like so far away from Cardiff?” (ask the North Wales students that!),
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The New Year

Posted on 7 January 2019 by Edward Hatfield

Only a few days into the new year and December feels like it was long ago. Being a student at Christmas time is strange, as nothing happens at the right time. Christmas dinners multiply without warning and days or weeks before they should happen, scared you will leave for home without three kilos of roast
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Team Bangor

Exploring North Wales, Sim Training and Hospital Placement!

Posted on 23 December 2018 by Ella Wooding

Hello! It has been a very busy and fun past few months up in Bangor, despite the worsening winter weather and continuous rain. I have had various visits from friends and family, which has been the perfect excuse to explore North Wales! In October I looked around Beaumaris on Anglesey with my friend Ramya and
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Team Aberystwyth, Uncategorized

November in Review

Posted on 4 December 2018 by Edward Hatfield

Well met, reader! Not long until Christmas… We are further into Winter. My nose runs; the house freezes around us. In the mornings I drive to Mach wearing my coat and with the dashboard heater jets pointing at my numb hands on the steering wheel. I grew used to the darkness beating me home but
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