Business Management student and Target Undergraduate of the year Top 10


Victoria, 2nd year BSc Business Management student shares her experience of the Target Undergraduate of the year awards and her time with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car …

Stepping off the tube at Canary Wharf station and walking into the beautiful East Winter Gardens I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing! Here is my story…
I am Victoria, a 2nd year BSc Business Management student and I applied for the Target Undergraduate of the year awards after a friend telling me about the award. The ‘Undergraduate of the Year’ awards cover a breadth of subject areas and you apply to one you deem relevant to you and each award is sponsored by a different company. If you ‘win’ you win a placement and often another gift (such as an I pad or trip abroad) with that respective company.  Continue reading

Exams Over – What Next?

Exams Over

Careers Advisor Melanie shares her thoughts on what you could do next

Your final exams are over and there is massive relief that all that hard work is over combined with the feeling that you deserve a rest and time to enjoy yourself – Maybe even consider some travelling if the funds will allow…. But then what next?

No doubt you have friends who always knew what they wanted to do and are so focussed on getting there! You may even have friends who applied for graduate jobs back last September and now have their ideal job lined up!

But what about you? You perhaps did your degree because you enjoyed the subject area but you never thought about where it might lead, or perhaps your degree was never your first choice. You may be thinking of postgraduate study, but what do you do in the meantime? You may have concentrated all your efforts on getting a  decent grade so didn’t give much thought to the future until now … Continue reading

From Business Management to Infrastructure, Services and Real Estate audit at Deloitte – What’s next for you?


As graduation fast approaches we have asked some graduates to share their experiences with you.

Fiona Galsworthy studied Business and Management at Cardiff; she graduated in 2012 and now works for Deloitte …

Deloitte will be recruiting at Tuesday’s Summer Fair!





I joined Deloitte in the Infrastructure, Services and Real Estate audit department in October 2013.  I had little to no clue what this would really entail when I picked my department but can safely say I definitely made the right choice.  Continue reading

From Mechanical Engineering to Business Development Manager for MENA, Europe and Australasia at AnTech Ltd – What will you do next?

Clare Antech

As graduation fast approaches we have asked some graduates to share their experiences with you.

Clare Miszewska graduated in 2009 with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and is now Business Development Manager for MENA, Europe and Australasia at AnTech Ltd.



I always knew I wanted to go to University but didn’t know what I wanted to be afterwards, so the path from A-levels to where I am now hasn’t exactly been obvious. I was split between applying for an Arts degree or a Science-based degree. I decided to follow the latter because I knew I would learn transferable skills in many subjects that could be used later in my career.  I found my engineering course very tough at first, academically and socially. I was one of a handful of females in the class, which could be difficult at times. I did ok for my first two years, but what really made the difference for me was my Year In Industry (YII) in my third year.  Continue reading

What will you do this summer? Career ideas & options, jobs, travel and more …



If your head is swimming with thoughts of what next, you are not alone …

Thousands of students will leave Cardiff University for a break or as graduate this summer and many of them won’t have a clue what they are going to do next.  With this in mind let me point you in the direction of some sound information and advice to help answer your questions and ease your mind. Continue reading

Worrying about speculative job applications?

Spec Apps

Careers Adviser Gaye Howells offers a brief insight into how to apply speculatively to an organisation.

The Basics

Speculative Applications involve sending out a CV and cover letter to an employer you are targeting to enquire about any possible vacancies.  Often these can be a good way access the ‘hidden jobs’ market.  They can be used to find jobs as well as for finding work experience.  Continue reading

Would you like to Work in Wales?

welsh flag 

Careers Adviser Melanie Wortham offers a brief insight into Working in Wales and where to look for more information …

Working for a Small, Large or Fast Growing Company in Wales

  • Small -  99% of businesses in Wales are Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) employing less than 250 people – and the majority of these are classified as micro-organisations employing fewer than 10 people.  However, don’t let this put you off considering Wales.  Many graduates working in SMEs are often amazed at how much responsibility they are given.
  • Biggest – 300 biggest companies in Wales (December 2013). These firms employ 25% of the workforce.
  • Fastest – 50 growing companies in Wales
  • Graduate Recruiters  - The Guardian publishes rankings of 300 leading employers who actively recruit graduates in the UK. Out of these leading graduate employers, many have an active presence in Wales.  Continue reading