How the Award works


To achieve The Cardiff Award students will complete the following steps:

  1. Apply for the Award.
  2. Attend an induction session.
  3. Complete 70 hours of extra-curricular experience (35 hours can come from a course placement).
  4. Attend and participate in five employability workshops: CVs & Covering Letters, Applications forms, Interview Skills, Commercial Awareness and LinkedIn.
  5. Complete one further recruitment experience, chosen from a range of activities including attending a mock assessment centre, recording a video interview or delivering a presentation.
  6. Submit a targeted CV and covering letter, application form and reflective log.

This year’s Award programme will begin in September 2016 and students will be expected to complete by March 2018.

As part of the Award programme, you will also have exclusive access to:

  • Networking events with graduate employers
  • Exclusive work and internship placements
  • A certificate to showcase your achievement and display on LinkedIn
  • Recommendations/endorsements of relevant skills and experiences on LinkedIn
  • The opportunity to get involved as alumni of the Award through mentoring, speaking/networking at events.

Still have a few questions about how the Cardiff Award works? Send your questions to us in our short survey and we’ll email you back with a response.

How to apply:

Applications for this year’s Cardiff Award programme are now closed. Details about how to apply to take part in next year’s Award will be available during the 2017 autumn term.

If you would like to receive an email when applications for next year’s programme open and further information on how to apply, please complete this survey to register your interest in the Cardiff Award.

Please note: the Cardiff Award is open to first, second and penultimate year students.

The Cardiff Award encourages and welcomes students to complete the Award in Welsh or English. Our written materials and learning central module are available in both English and Welsh and students can submit all paperwork to the Award team in either language. The majority of workshops, Careers sessions and external employer sessions will be delivered in English but there will be some available sessions available in Welsh where presenters are available. Recorded presentations and webinars provided by sponsors and staff will be delivered in the presenters chosen language. However, transcripts and slides of presentations will be translated and made available where appropriate. Careers support and advice by a Welsh speaker is available to all students undertaking the programme.

Mae Gwobr Caerdydd yn croesawu ac yn annog myfyrwyr i gwblhau’r Wobr yn Gymraeg neu’n Saesneg. Mae ein deunyddiau ysgrifenedig a’r modiwl ar Ddysgu Canolog i’w cael yn Gymraeg ac yn Saesneg, ac fe all myfyrwyr gyflwyno eu holl waith papur i dîm y Wobr yn y naill iaith neu’r llall. Cynhelir y rhan fwyaf o’r gweithdai, sesiynau gyrfaoedd a sesiynau cyflogwr allanol trwy gyfrwng y Saesneg, ond fe fydd rhai sesiynau i’w cael yn Gymraeg pan fo hynny’n bosibl. Caiff cyflwyniadau a gweminarau eu cynnal gan noddwyr a staff yn eu hiaith o’u dewis hwy. Fodd bynnag, bydd trawsgrifiadau a sleidiau’r cyflwyniadau’n cael eu cyfieithu ac ar gael lle bo’n briodol. Mae cymorth a chyngor gyrfaol ar gael yn Gymraeg i bawb sy’n dilyn y rhaglen.