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Cardiff Award and Languages for All; the best duo since Nick Frost and Simon Pegg… by Megan Tomlinson

Law and French student, Megan,  explains how getting involved in the Cardiff Award and Languages for All benefitted her……

From within the Cardiff University bubble of SU Wednesdays, orange VKs and outrageous fancy dress, the world of employment feels like a whole different, far more adult, world. And yet, as vacation scheme deadlines loom and everyone around you seems to be more prepared for this world than you are, reality can hit hard when the realisation dawns that you will have to face the world of employment in the very near future. With mass technological change, increased competition, globalisation, and the apparent growing sophistication of customers and clients (apparent because SU Wednesdays give this theory a run for its money), we are suddenly launched into a highly competitive job market. Yet this isn’t a scare tactic, because this world can change from the horrifying adult world of employment that I envisioned in first year, to the world of opportunity and growth that I see now having taken a step forward to increase my employability by applying for the Cardiff Award.

It could be that you are a model student, already a keen attender of every single networking event ever, juggling sports with debating club, in which case this Award offers the best form of recognition for your whirlwind of a life, with very limited extra work since you’ve satisfied the extra-curricular hours required in about a week.

Or it could be that you’ve just finished season 5 of Orange is the New Black and you’re waiting for the new episode of Suits and you realise you should definitely be doing more to persuade someone to hire you, in which case the Award offers the perfect motivation to get moving and take the leap into the world of careers.

I identified more with the latter. Quite frankly, I can’t think of a single student who could not benefit from this Award, unless you’re a modern-day Mark Zuckerberg in which case, ‘you do you’, and please hire me while you’re at it. All in all, the Cardiff Award not only strongly motivates, but it allows you to brandish the things you enjoy doing as a weapon in the job market. Having not attended half as many career events as I’d intended, the Award was the push I needed, and I found them eye-opening, motivating, and unbelievably useful. Not a single person can say they will never have use for a CV, or that the words ‘commercial awareness’ don’t strike fear into their hearts, so these workshops target relevant and tailored information.

As a lover of both languages and of all things free, I marvelled at the opportunity of Languages for All from day 1 in Cardiff. This programme offers the prospect of studying one of any number of languages from Russian to Welsh for free once a week as an official qualification. Upon signing up to the Cardiff Award, I was delighted to find out these hours come under extra-curricular hours. Whether you’re looking for a refresher from your GCSE, to an interest in a whole new language, it ticks every box. The classes are interactive and offer a great opportunity to meet new people across a diverse number of courses from a diverse range of nationalities. Our Spanish class gelled so well that our course ended in an Italian restaurant with our whole class and our tutor sat around a table. Whether you’re looking for a serious language study to open doors to exploring the world, or a great way to meet new people and have some fun, Languages for All offers it all. I can’t wait to take the next course to add another European language to my CV to open the doors to the wealth of jobs navigating Brexit.

So, have a surf on the Intranet for more information on the Cardiff Award, but a top tip to get you started, pre-drinks don’t count as an extracurricular activity…

By Megan Tomlinson

My new LinkedIn profile picture, involving hanging a white sheet in front of the window, sat on a table, with my Dad crouching to get the right angle

Global Week- Learn a Language Taster sessions

Learn a Language Taster sessions are taking place on 29 November as part of Global Week. Visit this page for more info.

Languages for All

Applications for Languages for All CRASH COURSES will be open from 09:30 on 4 December, to midday on 15 December. They will run for one intensive week from 22-26 January.

WEEKLY course applications open at 09:30 on 3 January and close at midday on 12 January. They start in week two of the spring semester.

Visit this page  for details including languages, levels and how to apply.









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