Cardiff Award

What does the Cardiff Award involve? By Sophie Manners

Final year student, Sophie, shares her experience of The Cardiff Award…

What is it?

The Cardiff Award is structured extra-curricular employability programme which enables students to gain experience and reflect on their skills and attributes. With a focus on professionalism and employability, the programme offers workshops and masterclasses, the chance to practice a recruitment experience relevant to your career as well as assistance when constructing the perfect CV and covering letter.

Why do I need it?

The Cardiff Award looks great on your CV and boosts your employability. Employability skills are essential building blocks to your future career. As you gain experience within the workforce to complete your award, employers can be confident that hiring you is a good investment. Employability skills are transferable, regardless of your degree or career choice.

Who can join?

The programme is available to students of any discipline in their first, second or penultimate year. Interested in joining? Link:

How do I complete the Award?

To complete the Cardiff Award students must attend an induction, complete all five compulsory workshops, one recruitment experience as well as a final portfolio of work.

The Cardiff Award also requires you to complete a minimum of 70 hours of extra-curricular activities. This might sound like a lot, but they quickly add up, and I logged over 300 hours during my time on the Award without even realising. In the beginning I was worried I wouldn’t find the time, but the hours I spent working at my job, internship and work experience all count. Additionally, I logged over 20 hours from volunteering as a Wellbeing Champion. The Cardiff Award team were friendly and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, and so I wrote my first ever article for the student magazine, Q3. I felt accomplished, having my own work published and I might never have attempted it without the Cardiff Award.

The workshops are free, repeated regularly and located on Park Place – close to all my university buildings. The team helped me improve my CV, covering letter and interview skills, as well as providing me with all the resources I could ask for.

Is it worth the extra effort?

In my experience, it’s been entirely worth the additional effort and I’m very proud to have achieved a distinction.

My advice to students on the Award is to keep a log of your activities and reflect as you go. Don’t leave everything till the last week and try to remember what you learnt six months previously. I’ve enjoyed challenging myself and have discovered strengths I didn’t know I had, whilst making new friends and using practical tips to improving my employability. The Award team offer advice and there are so many resources to help you at every step of the process. I can’t recommend the programme enough, so if you’re considering it, sign up today!

Best wishes,

Sophie, Student Intern.

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