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My Cardiff Volunteering Jailbreak Experience – blog by Cardiff Award student Kyle Reynolds

Cardiff Volunteering’s Jailbreak is just around the corner, and all 52 hours can count towards the Cardiff Award!

Current Cardiff Award student Kyle Reynolds took part in Jailbreak last year, making new friends and developing a number of skills along the way. Read more about Kyle’s experience below, and find out how you can sign up for this year’s Jailbreak.


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The doors opened as I entered the Jailbreak HQ ready to track our teams as they attempted to get as far away from Cardiff as possible in 52 hours. An elite group of us ready to receive updates as they busked, begged and pleaded for the opportunity to travel while raising well-deserved money for Cardiff Volunteering.

Team work was essential as we impatiently waited for our teams to contact us with their location, ready to update our maps, marking coloured crisscrossing lines across the UK and Europe. It was essential we were on hand ready to assist our teams with anything they might need, drawing on each of us in base camp providing personal travel knowledge. We worked together researching possible routes or travel options such as trains, planes and buses, it became a personal mission to see every team succeed. Each of us in base camp were fully behind our teams and chatted between ourselves relaying experiences and placing bets on where the teams would pop up next. We worked cohesively and socially it was a positive experience working alongside other Cardiff Award students who were also intent on building their personal skills and experience. Additionally, it provided a great opportunity to hear from others about progress they had made on their Cardiff Award and discuss other potential exciting volunteering opportunities.

Then came lunch time… we were treated to Dominoes, ordered fresh for us to share and give us some well-earned respite, however, many of us were eager to get back to it. We joked and laughed as the day went on. But time was growing shorter for our teams as they now had to get back to Cardiff in time for the 3 pm deadline, it seemed almost unimaginable for our team in Istanbul to get back in time! The excitement was building as we encouraged our teams to make it back, many hadn’t washed or slept over the 52 hours and some had grown weary. It was important to empathise with them over the phone and commend them on their incredible achievements!

The final hour began and the teams began pouring back into Jailbreak basecamp, we stood by ready to congratulate them and were on the edge of our seats as it grew closer to 3 pm. It was captivating listening to their travel experiences, discussing who they’d met and hearing the kindness of strangers. It was a worthy new experience for me and helped not only add those vital hours to my Cardiff Award but also make friends and make a positive contribution to such a cool event.

Want take to take part in this year’s Jailbreak?

Find out everything you need to know by visiting the Cardiff Volunteering event page.