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Facing your fears; the value of practicing presentations. A blog by Award alumni Gwenan.

Scared of getting up in front of people and presenting? Think you can get through life without doing any public speaking? You’ll be in for a big shock once you start your career!

Hi, my name’s Gwenan, and I completed the Cardiff Award during my second year at Cardiff University. Following completing the award I then became an Award Ambassador, and then an Award Mentor. I graduated Cardiff University in July 2016, and have now started my career as a Civil Servant.

During my time completing the award one of the aspects I found most useful was presenting in front of a panel of employers. Many people find the idea of standing in front of a group of people and presenting a scary thought. If that’s you, you’re definitely not alone! However once you leave the comfort of University, and start your career, public speaking and presenting will be a must!

Employers want someone who can confidently present in front of people, and can answer questions confidently when they get put on the spot. Many assessment centres now have some kind of presenting element to it, as it demonstrates many skills you’ll need whilst working. Having the opportunity to practice your presenting skills in a friendly environment before having to go out to the real world is a great opportunity! You’ll not only get to practice your presenting skills, and getting put on the spot with questions, but you’ll also gain valuable feedback you can work on, ready for when it comes to doing an important presentation in your future.

Getting to practice presenting gave me much more confidence when it came to doing them in real life situations. Make the most of the opportunities you are given on the award! It’s designed to make you more employable. If you’re reading this and thinking, I could never present in front of people it’s too scary, you are the one that definitely needs to sign up and do the presentation! Better to have the chance to practice now, than having to do it for the first time in front of your new boss and colleagues!

Best of luck! – Gwenan


Think you might benefit from practicing a presentation?

The Cardiff Award has limited spaces for students to deliver a presentation for their recruitment experience. This is a great opportunity to  gain confidence in public speaking and receive valuable feedback from employers on the panel.

Presentations are currently scheduled to take place on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 26th October – AM
  • Tuesday 8th November – all day
  • Wednesday 23rd November – all day
  • Thursday 1st Day – all day

For more information email the Cardiff Award team:


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