Cardiff Award

Networking – is it all that?

Next week will be the first Meet the Sponsors event for Cardiff Award. It’s an exciting event aimed at bringing together our Sponsor’s and our Cardiff Award students.

It’s a funny time of year in some ways to be doing this. It’s so early to the start of term that some of you are probably thinking, ahh I’m not ready for this! What do I say? I haven’t a clue if I’m interested in these companies…

So I thought I would just let you know what it’s all really about.

It’s a great way to practice networking:

Networking. A word you are going to hear a lot from now on. Whilst thinking about your future career and throughout it, networking can be one great way to make connections and get the job you want. This event is a great way to practice how you do this. The sponsors are all experts in the field and know full well that you are a novice. They are here to help coach you and give you the opportunity to practice so make the most of it. The sooner you get started the more experience you will gain.

If you don’t know what you want to do you can start to explore your options:

We have a range of fantastic employers as our sponsors. Most of them are targeting students from all disciplines so there may be a wide range of options for you to explore. Most sponsors also have great work experience opportunities for students whilst they are studying such as internships and summer placements which can give an amazing insight into a company or particular career, giving you chance to really test before you commit to a particular career path. These opportunities can also often be the first step on the career ladder within the companies.

If you are interested in any of the companies you can start to build relationships with the talent spotters and get some top tips!

The people attending the event on behalf of the sponsors are the talent spotters. They are there to look for future talent for the company. This is a great opportunity for a one-to-one conversation, to make a great first impression but more importantly to begin an ongoing conversation as you’ll have more opportunities to meet and talk with the talent spotters at events later in the year.

From their point of view they get to see you when you are at the start of your journey, exploring your options and really developing who you are and what you have to offer. These are the people who hold the secrets on how to succeed in the application process and they are more than happy to share their top tips and tell you what they are looking for to help you get ahead in the game.

It’s all about building confidence and facing the unknown:

If you have never networked before this is a great chance to get started. The more you do the more confidence you have and the more you will stand out. To help you get started we are even running a how to network workshop on 25th October at 10am. This is a great way to get you prepared for the evening’s event and any future events such as the fairs that take place on campus throughout the year.

So hopefully you have read through this blog and are now thinking…okay, this is for me and I’m going to make sure I get as much as I can from it.

Bring a friend along for support:

Are you now thinking that your housemates and friends really are missing out if they haven’t signed up for the Cardiff Award? If so, we have some limited plus one spaces for Cardiff Award students to book a space to bring a friend who is thinking of signing up to the Cardiff Award and would like a bit of a taster – email us your friend’s name to reserve them a place.