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Cardiff Awards Creative Industries Networking Event – A night to remember (by Meaghan Crancher)

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On hearing about the Cardiff Award’s Creative Industries networking event I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to listen and meet such recognised individuals. For those of you who don’t know, the Creative Industries consists of different aspects such as the music, TV and art world. ‘Creative’ being the most important word.

Cardiff Award Creative Industries Event 2015

Cardiff Award Creative Industries Event 2015

At the Cardiff Award event there was a variety of guest speakers to reflect the different parts of the Creative Industry. These included Toby Mott a second year Cardiff Univeristy JOMEC undergraduate student, Polly James – Breakfast DJ on Capital FM, Kate Anderson – Account Executive at Brighter Comms, Jen Tippet – Journalist at the Sun Newspaper, David Sansom – proprietor of the ‘Gallery in the Square’, Juliette Nicholls Imaging/S&P Producer for the Heart Network and Amy Pay – Programme Planner at Made in Cardiff TV.

All of these speakers were inspiring, each having their own career stories to tell. Glancing at the panel and their positions was firstly intimidating to say the least, and left me personally wondering if I could carve a career half as good! However, as the night began I started to realise that all on the panel have started in similar positions. One of the key themes that flowed throughout the event was that resilience is essential. You have to be able to take the negatives with the positives. Perseverance will help you to attain the career you desire.

Some key points for people who are considering working in the radio industry was to not bevideocamera afraid to start in a position that isn’t necessarily the job you desire. Both Polly James and Juliette Nicholls began working as promotional staff within their respective radio stations. Helping a radio station out can “put your foot in the door” of that company. This is relevant to any job you are seeking. Similarly the television industry is also about gaining as much experience as possible. This can then go onto help you make further applications to different work experience or permanent jobs, and shows a hard working, willing applicant. For people working in print Jen Tippet discussed how working at a news agency can help you to require the skills you will need to become a successful journalist. She also said that it was important to “take a punt” and don’t hold back when it comes to your dream of working in the Creative Industries.

After the speakers told us of their experiences working within the Creative Industry sector theregraduate hat was a Q and A session. Although many of the speakers had also completed degrees, some in Cardiff University itself, many of them focused on the need for work experience. They went on to explain that work experience, although many go unpaid, leaves you with life-long skills which are invaluable! As Toby Mott said once you gain one work placement it creates a “snowballing” effect creating more opportunities within the Creative Industries.

Looking for work experience just so you have something to put on your CV is not the right way to do it. Passion and drive to succeed during your work placement can, as some of the panellists proved, lead to permanent positions.

smile-famous-quotes-sayings1One of the top tips that was given by Kate Anderson was to smile, be happy and hard-working during your work placement or intern-ship. Many of the panellist who have had interns come into their companies commented on how much of a difference this makes, it showcases your willingness to learn and appreciation of the experience.

Another top tip that I will always try and remember came from David Sansom, to have no fear and believe in yourself. Although many of us may be stuck in a tidal wave of application forms and essays, we shouldn’t be afraid of applying to things that we dream of doing! As Amy Pay explained you will never know unless you try your very best, and your very best means putting yourself out there. Giving people a face to go with your name is vital. In such a technology lead environment personal touches can mean a lot!

One thing throughout the event was clear all of the panellist were extremely passionate about working in the Creative Industries “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

New LogoThe Cardiff Award would also like to thank all of the brilliant panellists for attending and providing such a great insight into the Creative Industries!

Thank you for reading,

Meaghan Crancher

(@Cranchermeg )


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