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Being a student may mean making some great new friends, having an awesome social and sporting life, having some unique experiences and of course getting a degree! However, not all students find it easy settling in straight away. Everything is new, many students are living independently for the first time, lectures and new ways of learning can be daunting and orientation around the campus and city has its challenges. But here at Cardiff University many of our first years get to fast track this ordeal with the help and insider knowledge from Student Mentors!

The Student Mentor programme is recruiting now.  If you have just joined the Award and are looking for ideas for hours then this is perfect!  Iyou do fancy becoming part of the Cardiff University Mentor Community you will need to complete an 5-students-socialising-270x152application form and selection interview.  The application form is available here, and needs returning before 12 noon on March 2nd.  Mentoring and the Award go hand-in-hand, as the hours contribute towards the Award, and the Award allows you to recognise the valuable skills you develop as a result of this important and rewarding role.  Don’t just take my word for it, Ryan and Matt are currently on the Award and are Mentors, see what they have to say: 


 “The Cardiff Award is a great way to enhance your CV, as well as gaining the valuable employability skills that graduate employers look for. The student mentor scheme goes hand in hand with the Cardiff Award. It contributes to the hours required for the Cardiff Award, and also allows you to develop the skills that the Cardiff Award requires you to demonstrate.

The student mentor scheme is easy to fit into your timetable, regardless how busy you are, it requires 1 to 2 hours a week maximum and the Student Mentor team are always there if you need any help.

I would highly recommend both the Student Mentor Scheme and the Cardiff Award to all students. If you want to make the most out of the opportunities the University has to offer and develop crucial employability skills that will help you stand out against other graduates, then these schemes are for you.”   Ryan Farr, Accounting and Finance Student Mentor and Cardiff Award.


“Being a Student Mentor has allowed me to give back to Cardiff University. I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge with first year students who I know will have the same uncertainties I experienced in my first year. Furthermore, in my second year I was selected to become a Mentor Consultant. Essentially, this paid role means I mentor the Mentors (ironic I know). Overall, it have been a rewarding experience which I am glad to have been a part of, especially as the scheme continues to grow year on year.

In addition to this, the Mentoring scheme goes hand-in-hand with the Cardiff Award. As a recommendation, if you are thinking about being involved in one scheme, I would also suggest joining the other. As well as enhancing my personal and professional skills, my role as a Mentor and a Mentor Consultant contributes to the 70+ extracurricular hours required for the Award. Developing employability skills is the overall aim of the Cardiff Award and is widely recognised by several international firms who are partners of the Award; including EY, IBM and Enterprise, amongst others. The struggle of getting a job, which all students eventually face in their final year, is made a lot easier by joining these schemes. And they’re free to join. So don’t delay…”  Matt Blackburn-Smith, Business Management Student Mentor & Cardiff Award

Don’t forget the deadline to apply to this amazing programme is 12 noon, March 2nd.  The application form is available here.  





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