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On Your Marks, Get Set…Post by Tom Allen

I had finally reached the end of my first year exams (hurrah) but there was still one thing left on the agenda – the Cardiff Award induction. If I’m honest I wasn’t 100% sure as to what the Award would entail when signing up but I could see that it would be worthwhile. Admittedly I’d heard previous stories but the logging, numerical exams and presentation sounded, quite frankly, as daunting as taking my driving test for the third time; I got there in the end though! After pages of hand-outs were given to us and the well-explained presentations by many different people rolled on, I realised that perhaps it wasn’t quite as bad as those driving tests were after all.

Coming to university was an exciting experience but I was almost completely unsure, and still am to a certain extent, as to what my degree in English Language and French will lead me to. Of course, as everyone always points out, the only option for me is to become a teacher of course! Granted, I knew that perhaps there aren’t that many obvious options with my degree but that’s not to say that I haven’t got a lot of potential with it. With the Cardiff Award I hope to unlock and more importantly, as was mentioned several times, learn how to advocate those skills I have. The opportunities the Cardiff Award offer seem very impressive and exciting. The chance to have first-hand experience of a real interview, improve my CV and commercial awareness seem such simple yet useful experiences to have.

Tom Allen Picture1I also never realised how important the numerical tests are nowadays for graduate jobs. I thought I’d left my maths well and truly behind at GCSE, never to worry about how much pie a circle has or how ‘a’ can equal 37, 132 or 695. ‘How is this possible?’ you hear a confused English student cry. Time to dig out those revision guides I think!

The fantastic thing about doing the Award this year is the opportunity to start early; get the ball rolling! I am completing work experience over the summer at a special needs school and I work part-time so it is an invaluable option to be able to log these hours. I could record my 70 hours over the summer and stop there but I don’t want to do this. With the possibility to attend 10 hours’ worth of sessions offered by the ‘Skills Development Service’ and an array of other activities, it would be a shame not to make full use of these.
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So overall, starting the Cardiff Award is an exciting time. Yes, it’s not going to be an easy ride but it might be the thing that gets me that six-figure sum job in the future. Big house and nice car would do nicely!


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