Upcoming events

You are welcome to come along to upcoming events.  It would be great to see you at the sessions. They are held on Thursdays, from 12.10-1 in room 3.66 of the John Percival Building.

Here is a schedule of meetings for the remainder of the autumn semester 2016:

17th November (Week 8): Chris Heffer — Gobbledygook, claptrap and pseudoscientific poppycock: Bullshit in lie detection

24th November (Week 9): Frances Rock — ‘Talking to the police about rhubarb’: Interpersonal, metalinguistic and multimodal meaning making in legal advice to asylum seekers

1st December (Week 10): Emily Powell — ‘I find a similarity between people and Doom zombies’: Virtual responsibility in criminal narratives.

8th December (Week 11): Tina Pereira — Puppets, post-its and pictures: The intermediary’s use of Alternative and Augmentative Communication in police interviews

If you have any questions about them, email Amy Bonnor (BonnorAJ@cardiff.ac.uk) Frances Rock (RockF@Cardiff.ac.uk) or Chris Heffer (HefferC2@Cardiff.ac.uk).