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Bollywood and business: What Padman (2018) teaches us about entrepreneurship

Posted on 18 April 2019 by Shumaila Yousafzai

In our latest post, Dr Shumaila Yousafzai explains how a screening of the Bollywood movie Padman (2018) led her students to some important lessons about entrepreneurship. The media often amplifies the spectacular rise of so-called overnight global sensations. While the stories of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and their peers are undoubtedly
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YouTube’s child viewers may struggle to recognise adverts in videos from ‘virtual play dates’

Posted on 29 March 2019 by Rebecca Mardon

In our latest post, Dr Rebecca Mardon discusses the ethical dilemmas and regultory implications surrounding YouTube’s child audiences. YouTube’s highest earning star in 2018 was a seven-year-old boy named Ryan. That’s right – a child out-earned the likes of the infamous Logan Paul, video game vlogger PewDiePie, and even make-up mogul Jeffree Star. Between June 2017 and
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Health and wellbeing

April Fool – Don’t be a Money Mule

Posted on 28 March 2019 by Denise Brereton

Lies, damned lies and statistics!* Don’t Panic, I am not about to give a lecture on statistics – heaven forfend (as you know my chosen subject is Archaeology – digging up those lovely old bones)! This month I am going to chat to you about Money Muling, what it is, how it happens and the
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Foundational Economy

New focus on the foundations of the UK’s economy might help poorest regions post-Brexit

Posted on 27 March 2019 by Dylan Henderson

In our latest post, Dr Dylan Henderson teams up with Dr Laura Reynolds, a former Cardiff Business School PhD candidate, to discuss how a renewed focus on the foundational economy might answer some of the UK’s regional inequality problems. Among all the uncertainty Brexit is causing, concerns have arisen over the potential fuel it is
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