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Brexit and Trade: It’s even more complicated than we thought

Posted on 8 April 2019 by Richard Martin

This interview with Dr Ludivine Petetin by Katy Huckle originally featured on our Logistics and Manufacturing Blog Deal or no deal? Well, as it turns out, things are about to get even more complicated either way. Supply chains have been changing ever since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016; whatever happens next in the drama of Brexit negotiations, businesses
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Partners in equality? The EU and devolution

Posted on 25 October 2018 by Dr Rachel Minto

While no credible definition of the EU could be stretched to ‘feminist’, it has indeed been active in the area of women’s rights and gender equality since the early days of European integration. The consistent effort of activists and sympathetic policy-makers over the years has resulted in an impressive (albeit incomplete) array of legislation, soft
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Brexit and the territorial constitution: déjà vu all over again?

Posted on 2 August 2018 by Professor Daniel Wincott

Brexit is re-making the UK’s constitution under our noses. The territorial constitution is particularly fragile. Pursuing Brexit, Theresa May’s government has stumbled into deep questions about devolution. The territorial politics of Brexit is a bewildering mix of ignorance, apparent disdain, confrontation, cooperation and collaboration. Rarely have the so-called devolution ‘settlements’ appeared more unsettled. The UK’s
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