Richard Cowell

Richard Cowell

Richard's research interests cover theoretical and political aspects of the relationship between public policy and sustainable development, with particular reference to land use planning, environmental knowledge and decision-making, policy integration and renewable energy.

His current work focuses on sustainability and planning reform in England; spatial planning and renewable energy; and community benefits from wind energy development. He has recently completed a study funded by the ESRC examining the relationship between devolution in the UK and the delivery of renewable energy. Richard also researches and publishes on ethics, governance and politics.

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UK and Welsh waste policy after Brexit

Posted on 1 August 2017 by Richard Cowell

While it is possible that UK policy will continue to track the progress made by EU-level policies for a circular economy, a combination of Westminster government distraction, limited capacity and deregulatory ethos might lead to a flatlining of performance, in which recycling fails to increase and incineration takes up the slack. Whether devolved governments like
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