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New additions to Henry Stewart Talks -Therapeutics, Obesity, Cancer Genetics and Vaccines

The existing collection of Henry Stewart Talks has been expanded to cover a mini series on Future Directions in Therapeutic Intervention, Diagnostics and Prophylactics.


The new series contains five lectures delivered by experts from the pharmaceutical industry, presenting a range of future directions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, their promises and pitfalls.

Additionally five existing series have been supplemented with new talks, among them is the Obesity: science, medicine and society series launched last month, which was augmented by two lectures discussing the genetics of monogenic obesity and obesity management. Our Cancer Genetics series was added with a talk on glioblastoma and the Vaccines series now includes a lecture on relevant preclinical studies. Another talk, which is series-independent, deals with immunotherapy for head and neck cancer. A full list of the newly released talks is provided below my signature.

The talks can be browsed by using librarysearch and searching for Henry Stewart Talks.  Alternatively you can search for the specific title of a presentation within librarysearch.