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What do you do to revise / relax?

At this busy time of year, make sure you are looking after yourself and using the best study techniques to work efficiently and not get stressed.

Come along to the see the display in the Health Library where you can collect some study guides on Exam anxiety, food and mood or revision tips or click on the picture of the book to open details of where you can find the book in the Health Library.


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Vacation Loans

From today (Monday 7th December) all 1 week, 2 week and 4 week loans issued or renewed will be due on Wednesday 6th January 2016.

Please check the dates your books are due for return and ensure they are renewed before you go home for Christmas, you may have items that are due to be returned while you are away and if there are reservations you will not be able to renew.  Please contact the library if you have any problems renewing your items.

Blackwells Bookshop Stall – Tuesday 20th January

Blackwells Bookshop will be having a stall in the Social Learning Zone of the Health Library, Cochrane building on Tuesday 20th January.  They will have books to sell and also information on their ebooks.

We’ll update later in the week on the specific titles and promotions they will be offering but if there is a specific book you have been planning to buy to help with your study or work please email us – and we can let Blackwells know so they can have the book here for you.