Love your library


Loving your libBy telling us your thoughts about the library and it services you help us to tailor our services more and improve.


Is there a way a service we run you think could be more efficient? Tell us your thoughts, comment below or write on a postit note on our display in the Health Library.


Tell us what you love most about the library:

  • Is it the ebooks?
  • the fact that we are open 24/7
  • we have drop in sessions to help you with searching and referencing
  • The wireless printing services
  • The group study rooms
  • The superduper cheap stationary?

What would make you love your library more? Is there something what we can change easily that would make using the library easier and better?

  • Would you like more books on a specific topic (tell us which ones)
  • More study space
  • More loanable laptops
  • Chargable laptop lockers


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