Meet the staff – Lindsay

What is your name and job title? iphone 501
I’m Lindsay Roberts and I’m the Site Librarian for the Health and Dental Libraries.
What are your subject area interests?
I mainly liaise with Medicine & Dentistry to work on improving the library services for staff and students, I’m also involved in a number of IT and Library projects, the latest one is looking at improving our support for off-campus customers.

What are your Qualifications?
My degree is in Information & Library Studies, apparently as a child I use to tell public library staff I’d have their job one day.

Where did you live as a child?
Born and grew up in Birmingham, not that you can really tell from my accent anymore.

What is your favourite thing about Cardiff?
 The fact that it’s a capital city but is still small enough to easily get around.  It was a big change from living in Birmingham.

What did you do before you worked here?
Went to University, I first worked for UWCM in the Librarywhen I was at University and then came back when I graduated and have stayed here since then (with a brief year in Nevill Hall Postgraduate Centre).
What was the first library book you remember reading for pleasure?
Can’t remember the first library book as a child but I remember at about 10 I’d read everything in the children’s section and the only adult books the library staff would let me read were Agatha Christie.

What do you enjoy reading now? Hard copy or electronic?
Anything and everything, but I have made the switch to electronic almost completely, still got a huge pile of print books waiting to be read.

Give an instance of one of your most interesting library related queries.
One Christmas Eve we had an emergency request for an article need for surgery that was about to be undertaken, this involved calling round many hospital libraries in the UK trying to find one who was open and could then fax us the article.  I’m glad to say that due to ejournal availability we don’t have to do this often.
What do you like best about Cardiff Uni Health Library/ Service?
Having been so involved in the new Health Library it’s hard to pick a best thing but probably the space and light that we’ve got, so different to the old Duthie, NHCS & Caerleon libraries.

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