BAHAR Seminar, Thursday 4th November 2010: Jane Boyd, ‘Invisible Boundaries’

Jane Boyd presented a BAHAR seminar, ‘Invisible Boundaries,’ on Thursday November 4th. The seminar took place from 4.30 to 6 p.m. in Humanities Bldg. Room 1.31. Jane introduced the seminar as follows:

“Building materials have a profound impact of on the way we interact with space; they give character and signal the content of enclosed spaces and simultaneously provide the contours of open spaces. How does this occur? How does the urban environment acquire a sense of place in which buildings resist change and have metaphysical significance. In this paper I shall show a selection of my works in light-based installation in order to discuss these questions and the issues concerning some of the ways in which we personally engage with the built environment.”

Jane Boyd is a British artist whose work in light-based installation has received international acclaim. She is the recipient of a number of distinguished fellowships including as Trinity College Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts (1981-83), Abbey Fellow in Painting at the British School at Rome (1999) and Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow (2006). She has lectured in Fine Art internationally and is the co-author of a monograph on Diego Velazquez (Leo S. Olschki 2004). Her recent major work, ‘Concrete Liaisons’ 2006, included a spectacular 30m light projection on Senate House Tower in London. She is currently working towards an exhibition in Cologne in 2011.


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