Journal Club

Friday Literature/Learning Meetings

Meetings take place every Friday at 1:00 PM in Main Building 0.77 unless otherwise specified.

Date Discussion Leaders Paper(s)/Topics
24/02/17 Chris and Rob H Know Your pKas
03/03/17 Luke J and Luke K PCR Part 1: Fundamentals, Tips and Tricks
17/03/17 Florence and Alan Small Molecule NMR
24/03/17 Joel and Axel Kinetics:Basic Physical Chemistry
31/03/17 Ed and Martin Functional Group Interconversions: Aldehydes and Ketones
07/04/17 Cancelled
21/04/17 Victor and Raquel PCR Part 2: Advanced Usage
28/04/17 Alan Literature Presentation (Paper)
19/05/17 Luke, Ed and Magda FPLC Basics: Toolbox Talk
26/05/17 Enas and Chris Kinetics: Classic Plots
02/06/17 Ed and Rob H Cofactor Chemistry: Know Your Cofactors
09/06/17 Ed and Rob H Cofactor Chemistry: Know Your Cofactors Pt 2
16/06/17 Rob M Orbitals and Hybridisation
23/06/17 Martin and Alexi Oxygen Reactivity
30/06/17 Victor and Alan All About: Hexoses
07/07/17 Raquel All About: Pyridoxal Phosphate
14/07/17 [Postponed]
21/07/17 Louis Supramolecular Chemistry in Biology
01/09/17 Alex Artificial Enzymes
08/09/17 Jon Popplewell (Bio-Rad) ChromLab V5 FPLC Software
15/09/17 Adura All About: Thiamine Diphosphate
22/09/17 Florence The Basics of Homology Modelling
29/09/17 Rob H Literature Presentation (Paper)
04/10/17 Joel All About: Pentoses

Topic Pool

Functional Group Interconversions: Acohols
Functional Group Interconversions: Amines
Kinetics: Classic Isotope Effect Examples
Spotters Guide to Heteroaromatics
Structure Determination: How to Crystallise Proteins
Structure Determination: New Techiques (EM, XFEL)
Structure Determination: By NMR
Tales of the Unexpected Enzyme Mechanisms

Paper Pool