Cartoon of an FPP-derived inhibitor in the active site of a terpene cyclase


Chemical biology is the application of chemical techniques to solve biological problems. In the Allemann laboratories we apply a range of chemical techniques to answer questions relating to the extraordinary catalytic power of enzymes and the control of biological processes.

We are always seeking bright and highly motivated students and postdocs to join our dynamic, multidisciplinary research group to work on any of our current projects. Informal enquiries are welcome. If you are interested in joining the Allemann Laboratories, click here for a list of vacancies.


Congratulations to Antonio, Will and Louis whose new paper in ACS Catalysis has been chosen to be highlighted as an Editor's Choice in Chemical & Engineering News.

Antonio has created a glutathione-based system for NADP+ regeneration. This is important because cofactors can be extremely expensive, limiting the use of enzymes that require them for synthesis. However, Antonio's novel system results in a high cofactor turnover number that can reduce the cost of NADP+-dependent biocatalytic processes up to 500,000-fold. Read more here (Open Access).

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