Supporting Activity Engagement in People with Huntington’s Disease: A Phase II Evaluation

Dr Monica Busse; Dr Lori Quinn, Professor Anne Rosser, Professor Helen Dawes,Professor Kerry Hood
Funded by the National Institute of Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR) in Wales

We know that keeping active (both physically and socially) is important for any person who suffers with a chronic health condition. This can become very difficult for people with HD given the complex and varied problems that they are faced with on a daily basis. This randomised study aims to evaluate two different supported home-based activity programmes that have been specifically developed for people with HD, each of which has different attributes, either social or physical.

People with HD who enrol in the study will be asked to attend 3 research assessments (focussing on movement, thinking and activities of daily living) over a 6 month period at their local HD clinics. After the first assessment, they will be allocated to one of two activity interventions that will be delivered in the home by specially trained activity coaches. The coaches will work with them to develop either a social or physical activity programme that is specific to their individual interests and abilities. In between the second and third assessment, participants will continue with their normal activities and at the end of the study, they will be asked about their views of the different interventions.