Researching Companies

Dividend announcement dates

These can be found in three sources: Datastream, Thomson One Banker and Nexis UK.


Dividend announcement dates are listed as  ‘Dividend Per Share declaration date’ in the datatypes section. Declaration dates are listed separately for each quarter, so to get all announcement dates you will need to select each quarter.

Datastream Dividends snapshot

You will notice that each datatype is repeated – one at a Company level and the other at Security level. It doesn’t matter which you pick for this datatype as they both provide the same information


Nexis UK

Make sure your company search, .e.g. Royal Dutch Shell shows in the title of the article by selecting “in the headline” from the drop down box: (see below). Then click on add a search term field and type in dividend.


Restrict your results to a stock exchange or financial news wire to reduce number of results. In this example  LSE newswire is selected as we are looking at a British company:


if you want to look at share price movements once you have collated your dividend announcement dates then Datastream can provide share prices.


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